Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RESCUE Remedy Natural Stress Relief Gum!

I received a pack of this gum to review in the latest voxbox from Influenster.com.  I absolutely love it.  I came across the liquid Rescue Remedy and was thinking of purchasing it, then a few days later my voxbox shows up and it has the gum, which is filled with a dose of the all natural Rescue Remedy.

  I loved it, it tastes flowery and slightly citrusy and the flavor is mild and not too overwhelming or sweet.  It does help relieve stress and calms you down a bit.

I love how they list the flower ingredients on the back and tell you what they are for:
Rock Rose- Courage and presence of mind
Cherry Plum- Balanced mind when losing control
 Clematis- Focus when ungrounded
 Impatiens- Patience with problems and people
 Star of Bethlehem- Softens impact of shock

 I would definitely recommend Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief Gum to anyone who needs a little all natural, homeopathic something to help them on a day that might be a little more stressful than usual. You can  get this gum and other products at the site here

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