Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Refresh VoxBox!

I love trying new things especially free new things and one of my favorite programs for this is called Influenster.  Influenster send you boxes of new products, called voxboxes. and all you have to do in return is give your honest opinion on your social media accounts.

The voxbox I'm talking about today is the Refresh VoxBox, filled with products designed to help to unwind and destress.

This thing came packed to the brim with awesome things and I loved almost all of them. One product I merely liked.

First thing I tried were the Beanitos white bean chips.  I got to try the restaurant style with sea salt and the nacho cheese.  The restaurant style was the thing I only liked.  It was good but tasted a little bland. A little more sea salt would have served it well.  On the other hand the nacho cheese ones were fantastic.  Since these are healthier for you than potato or corn chips you can feel less guilty about indulging.

Next up was the Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bar. I got banana oatmeal dark chocolate and it was divine.

They also sent a coupon for a free high protein Orgain organic nutrition shake.  Creamy Chocolate fudge was excellent and they also come in sweet vanilla bean,strawberries & cream and iced cafe mocha.  They all sound yummy.

After all those delicious treats I had to take care of my teeth and breath, that's why I was glad that Influenster included Listerine Freshburst Pocket Paks and Dentek Comfort Clean floss picks. They also sent the Dentek Fun Flossers which are neon colors and made for kids.  They all worked great and left my mouth feel clean and smelling better.

Now on to the beauty items
I love masks so I'm glad they sent the Montagne Jeuness Manuka Honey Peel-Off Mask.  I get a weird and disturbing satisfaction from pretending I'm peeling off my face.  Don't judge.

I just did a blog post on the awesomeness that is the L"Occitane Light Comforting Cream, it's amazing.

And lastly we come to my favorite product in the Refresh VoxBox, the Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation.  Every woman has suffered those annoying baby hairs/peach fuzz on her face and it's just not a cute look for anyone but Covergirl has come up with a foundation and applicator that smooths those hairs down so they aren't as noticeable.
I love the formula, it gave good coverage and did smooth down the little peach fuzzy hairs.  I did not like the applicator though. It looked like a nipple and felt very awkward putting the makeup on.
The shade they sent me was a little dark but it worked so well I might go and buy a lighter one.

All in all, these products were all awesome and I highly recommend each and every one of them.

L'Occitane Light Comforting Cream

I got to try this product free from Influenster for testing purposes but my opinions are my own.

I love skin care products and I love trying out new serums and masks and moisturizers, the problem is that I have sensitive skin and my skin reacts to a lot of things, even things I've been using a long time. #ineedshea.

  Every Sunday (or whenever we feel like it, or remember) my mother and I do face masks and watch mindless tv and talk, but this last time when I took off my mask it left my skin flaming red and slightly puffy and tight for hours.  It was not fun.  The reason I'm telling you is to demonstrate how sensitive my skin is, but I have no problems with this products AT ALL!

L'Occitane Light Comforting Cream is perfection.  It has shea butter made in Burkino Faso (a country in West Africa) and moisturizes really well. It has a strong scent but I really love it. It's not overwhelming, it just really lets you know it's there. It's powdery with a kick, so awesome.

The best part of this cream is that it doesn't make me break out or look like I'm trying to cosplay a tomato.  In fact I've been having some issues with some red,dry,scaly (not cute at all. sorry for the mental image) patches on my chin,cheek and nose and since I've been using this cream these slightly scary and gross areas have calmed down a lot.

This is a blurb from the L'Occitane  website:
   The Light Shea Butter Comforting Cream, with its fine and non-greasy texture, is formulated with 5% shea butter to answer the essential needs of normal to combination skin, including sensitive skin types. Lastingly moisturized (48h)**, skin is supple and soft. As protected against external aggressions, skin stays comfortable all day long.

A 1.7 fl.oz jar will run you about $28, but it is so worth it if you have sensitive skin.  You can get some here.

Monday, December 15, 2014

My Geeky Goodies December!

Once again the outstanding people at My Geeky Goodies,were nice enough to send me their monthly box.  This box was the Dark and Festive box or the Winter Box-O'-Fun.

My Geeky Goodies is a monthly box with the price plan being:
1 month-$24.99
3 month-$71.91 ($23.97 a month)
6 month-$137.94 ($22.99 a month)
For just a little bit more than Loot Crate, you are guaranteed a Funko Pop Vinyl or a t-shirt!

I loved everything in this box,as always it was amazing and I loved that everything was Winter/Christmas related.

First thing in the box was a bag of plushie snowballs so you can have an indoor snowball fight.  You don't have to worry about wet mittens and cold noses!  But you might have to watch out for someone trying to take out that lamp you love but everything else thinks is hideous.

 Next I pulled out a little pin with the My Geeky Goodies logo on it.  I'll put it on the lanyard with my other pins.

Then I got the Elf on a Shelf An Elf's Story Mint Chocolate Chippey lip balm. I tried it after I was done with my unboxing video.and it was great. It feels moisturizing and it smells and tastes really good.
After the lip balm there was the Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, Reindeer Noses cinnamon candies in an adorable tin.  These were so good.  I only ate one during the video but afterwards while I was editing I had about 15.
Next to last was the Funko Pop Vinyl from the movie, Frozen.  It's adorable and I'm gonna put him on my shelf o' awesome with my other pops.
The Last two things in the box were The Nightmare Before Christmas mystery mini fingures. I got Sally and Devil.  I was really hoping for Santa Jack because it was really cute but I'm happy with the ones I got.

If you are in the market for a monthly subscription box, I highly recommend My Geeky Goodies.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

5 Hour Energy Shots!

Recently I got to try the 5 Hour Energy Shots in Pink Lemonade free through Smiley360.  My opinions are my own though.

I am always tired, I have chronic fatigue, so trying an energy boosting drink is always great.  Now I am not a fan of those energy drinks that taste like liquid pixy sticks and I was kind of worried this one would too because of the flavor, Pink Lemonade, but it didn't.  It was just the perfect amount of sweetness to make it taste like a treat instead of if I was drinking syrup.

The energy boost kicked in quite quickly and lasted for hours.  I don't technically know if it was 5 hours because I didn't watch the clock to time it.

Also there was no crash afterwards.  My energy levels slowly went back to normal instead of me feeling like I needed a nap, which is always good.

The best thing about this product isn't the energy or even the taste.  The best thing about this product for me was that 5 Hour Energy Shot gave money to Living Beyond Breast Cancer for every pink and white Pink Lemonade bought.

If you have a chance to pick up an energy shot, definitely get 5 Hour Energy Shot Pink Lemonade.

Monday, November 24, 2014

My Geeky Goodies November 2014!

It's once again time for My Geeky Goodies and I thought I loved the first box I got (September) but this box is even better!
My Geeky Goodies is a monthly box with the price plan being:
1 month-$24.99
3 month-$71.91 ($23.97 a month)
6 month-$137.94 ($22.99 a month)

First thing I pulled out of the box was the Jelly Belly Star Wars Galaxy Mix jelly beans.  Omg, these are the coolest jelly beans ever, they look like they've been painted with edible gold paint. They are shiny, and metallic, and sparkly.  I was going to chow down but I decided to save these and put them on the shelf o'awesome.
Next up is a Star Trek Floppet.  It's a little figure attached to velcro so you can stick it on things!  I got a klingon brandishing a bat'leth.
Then I got a CB (Character Building) Doctor Who micro figure.  I got Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor and I had to put him together.  I didn't realize while I was doing the video that it looked like the poor thing had dislocated his shoulder but I fixed him for his close-up.
Next were two, yes two Funko Science Fiction Micro Figures. These are not rinky dink little plastic toys. These are solid and fairly heavy. I love the details on them both.  When I showed off my box to my family, these are the things that were fought over. I emerged victorious in the end though.

First up is the Alien Figure.
Then is Alien's nemesis...Predator!  I'm so glad I got them together but I hope their epic battles don't keep me awake at night.

Lastly is the best thing in the R2-D2 Funko Pop Vinyl.  It's so cute and I'm gonna put him on the shelf o' awesome right next to my Pop Yoda.

All in all this was an amazing box and I'm so glad that they sent it to me.  Those are some awesome people at My Geeky Goodies.  I recommend you subscribing today!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spoilers! My Geeky Goodies September Box.

My Geeky Goodies is a new subscription box service catering to the geek side of life and I love it. They just started sending out boxes in August so this is their second box. They were kind enough to send me a box so I can show all of you.

My Geeky Goodies is a monthly box with the price plan being:
1 month-$24.99
3 month-$71.91 ($23.97 a month)
6 month-$137.94 ($22.99 a month)
Now this is a little more expensive than my beloved Loot Crate, but with a shirt or pop vinyl guaranteed every month I think the price difference is worth it.

The first item I pulled out of the box is a Adventure Time figure set featuring Jake (he's my favorite) and Tree Trunks.  They are so cute!

The next thing in the box is a Pop Vinyl Mordecai from Regular Show. I'm not as familiar with this show as I am with Adventure Time but the ones I've seen were funny.

Thirdly from the box was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vinyl figure.  I got Donatello.  It's such a cute little figure, I wish I got Mikey to go with my others but Donnie is cool too.

Then in the box we have a My Geeky Goodies exclusive artwork from Mike Vasquez of MikeGoesGeek. It's called Galaxy Time, and it's a Guardians of the Galaxy/Adventure Time/Regular Show/Bravest Warriors crossover. It is just so cool.

Last in the box we have a t-shirt and this t-shirt was fought for when I showed it off.  In the end I won of course. This 80's cartoon hero mashup was done by Dan Harris of Pencil Pirates.  Dan's info card that was included with the box is also an adorable piece of art. Poor Jon Snow, he knows nothing.

All in all, I loved everything in the box and I look forward to seeing what they do for October.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

September Nail Art Society!

Once again Nail Art Society has proved their awesomeness by sending me the September kit. It was a total surprise.  They went out late but they are so good I don't think anyone will mind. Also they didn't use the bubble mailers,it was a small box and everything came in a velvet bag.  So swank! Even though I got this for free, all my opinions about the contents are my own.

First things out of the box were the cards. First card (which I didn't shoot) was a little announcement that Nail Art Society has opened it's own store and the card featured some of the colors from Jessica.

The other card (pictured above) was the Nail Inspiration Guide and shows different ways to use some of the items in the kit. It also talks about this month's featured guru, Stacie Clemons. Stacie is a member of the Facebook group World of NailCraft which has hundreds of members from all nail art skill levels.  I will have to check that out, I bet the designs they show off are amazing.

Here's a shot of all the products in September's kit.

The first item in the kit is a full sized bottle of Jessica nail polish in Cinnamon Kiss.  It's a really pretty deep red/rusty color and it's perfect for fall.  I used two coats and  it came out perfectly opaque with no streaks.  I might have to check out the other Jessica colors available in the Nail Art Society store.

The next two items are Cala Nail Decoration 3-D Nail Art Decals.  The royal one is very pretty but I think the first one is my favorite because of the skulls and bats. Halloween is coming up you know,

The next two things out of the bag are from adoro. They are golden colored rhinestones, which are fairly big and some huge diamondesque tear drops. I used the rhinestones for the nail I did to show off some of the kit but I'll save the tear drops for something really special because they are gorgeous.

The last two items are gold and silver foil/flake. I have no idea who made them though.  They are so pretty but the gold I used was a little hard to work with.  The nail inspiration guide gives a few tips on how to work with it but I totally didn't see that till after I was done taking pictures.  I should pay more attention to things.

The last picture is just some nail art I did really quickly using four of the things from the kit.  I used the Jessica nail polish, one of the crowns from the Cala nail decorations, the adoro rhinestones and the gold foil.  I have to apologize for the quality of the last picture but it's hard to take pictures when your hands shake.

September's kit was amazing and I love everything in it.  If you would like to get your own kit starting in October then go to Nail Art Society and use the code OCT10 to get 10% off your first kit.  Check out the new store while you are there.

If you want to check out World of NailCraft you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.

If you are a NAS subscriber and would like a chance to have your September kit nail art featured by Nail Art Society then tag your pictures with @nailartsociety and #goldflake or #silverflake.