Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nail Art Society!

  Nail Art Society has finally relaunched their site and sent out the kits for August, yay!  What Nail Art Society is is a monthly subscription service where they send different tools for making nail art.  They might send polishes, or striping tape or dotting tools... etc.  It costs $9.95 a month plus $4.95 for shipping.  I love doing nail art, I can hardly go 2 or 3 days without getting an idea and changing my current manicure so a monthly subscription service where they send me a bunch of stuff to make new nail art is awesome.

First of all I have to warn you that my camera was not cooperating with me at all and my hands were shaking bad during the picture taking so please forgive the quality.

The first things that were in the kit was a guide to the different Orly nail polishes and one of the different nail treatments that Orly offers, so those are super handy if you want to research before hand and spend less time in the store or online.

Next was the card with August's featured nail art guru, which was Katrina.  Her site is Katrina's Nail Blog

Then came the nail art guide card which gives you a step by step guide to doing the featured nail art.  August's nail art was a black and silver chevron design over a white base.

The first piece of nail art helper I pulled out of the mailer was the silver butterflies set from Cala Professional Nail Arts.  This is a really pretty set of water decals for your nails, kind of like temporary tattoos.  The sheet was butterflies,hearts and roses.

The next thing was also a sheet of nail water decals from Cala.  They were a sheet of really beautiful multicolored butterflies.

The next 4 things which has a lot more promise of versatility are Orly Instant Artist Water-Based Paints, which are striping paints.  I got white,black,cobalt blue, and silver.  I love striping paints because they make doing lines so much simpler than working with striping tape,at least for me.

The first striping tape was the white, and I used that on my nail paired with one of the silver butterfly designs, both the striping paints and the water decals were really easy to work with.  I just made a simple design with the striping paints of outlining my french tip design I already had done, then added the decals on top.
Next up was the black striping paint which I'm sure I'll get the most use out of.  I paired the black with one of the silver rose designs.

The was the colbolt blue which is a really intense pretty bright blue and I paired it with one of the blue butterflies.

Lastly is the silver striping paint which I see myself using the second most, after the black.  I used it with another of the butterflies.

I loved everything in this kit and look forward to seeing what Nail Art Society puts out in the coming months.  I recieved August's Nail Art Society kit free for review but my opinions are my own.  I want to thank NAS for sending it,it was great and I will get a ton of use out of the items.