Wednesday, November 26, 2014

5 Hour Energy Shots!

Recently I got to try the 5 Hour Energy Shots in Pink Lemonade free through Smiley360.  My opinions are my own though.

I am always tired, I have chronic fatigue, so trying an energy boosting drink is always great.  Now I am not a fan of those energy drinks that taste like liquid pixy sticks and I was kind of worried this one would too because of the flavor, Pink Lemonade, but it didn't.  It was just the perfect amount of sweetness to make it taste like a treat instead of if I was drinking syrup.

The energy boost kicked in quite quickly and lasted for hours.  I don't technically know if it was 5 hours because I didn't watch the clock to time it.

Also there was no crash afterwards.  My energy levels slowly went back to normal instead of me feeling like I needed a nap, which is always good.

The best thing about this product isn't the energy or even the taste.  The best thing about this product for me was that 5 Hour Energy Shot gave money to Living Beyond Breast Cancer for every pink and white Pink Lemonade bought.

If you have a chance to pick up an energy shot, definitely get 5 Hour Energy Shot Pink Lemonade.

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