Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cheap and mostly natural skin care!

My internet is back so I'm gonna blog.
   I don't know why I get the urge to blog so late, I guess I just have to keep myself busy whilst suffering from insomnia.  This is super wordy so I hope ya'll don't get bored.

Ok everyone knows that natural skin care is the way to go, especially for older skin.  The chemicals they put in lotions and soaps for your face sometimes aren't the best thing, and the scrubs you can buy are sometimes too harsh for more sensitive skin.

So I'm gonna share my few little tips to get your skin soft and pretty with natural ingredients, plus it's super cheap.  Everyone loves cheap right.

Ok my lovelies first gather your ingredients and tools:

3 bowls
a fork
a teaspoon
1 tissue 
olive oil
brown sugar
1 egg

These recipes are not only good for your skin and cheap they are also simple.

Olive oil and brown sugar scrub
 The title says it all, it is a face scrub made of olive oil and brown sugar.
Put some brown sugar in one of your bowls, then put a couple cap fulls of olive oil so that it's wet but not too wet, sort of like a dry paste. Mix with a finger.
Then slather it on your face and massage the scrub into the skin.
Scrub until you feel you've scrubbed enough.
Rinse off with lukewarm water...I cannot stress enough how bad hot water can be for certain people's skin so wet your wash cloth with lukewarm water and gently remove the scrub, making sure you get all the sugar and oil off your face... and while you're doing this whole process stay away from dogs they might think you are a nummy treat.

Ok after you are bright and shiny from your scrub it's time to move on to part 2 of our 3 part system, the pore strips.
First thing you are gonna do is take your egg and separate it into the remaining two bowls, I use the crack it then dump it back and forth in the shell method.  Set the bowl with the egg yolk aside for now we'll be using it later.
Take the fork and whip the egg white like it kicked your puppy or like it didn't kick a puppy if you aren't fond of dogs...either way I don't condone puppy kicking. Please don't call peta I don't even own a puppy!
This part is really good for venting frustrations because you really need to get your egg white quite frothy.
Now for the messy part.  Take one ply of your tissue..if you have 2 ply pull it apart... and rip it into 2 inch rectangles. Then take some of the frothy egg bubbles and smear it on your face,then lay the tissue on the wetness and pat it down so it is flat and smooth on your skin as you can make it. I usually start with my nose, then do my cheeks, then the middle of my forehead then my chin. Now girls I cannot tell you enough not to get the egg white/tissue in your eyebrows because the egg white dries like a glue and the tissue gets hard like a pore strip so if it gets in your hair it's gonna hurt when you pull it off.
Now this will take about 10-15 minutes to dry depending on the humidity so take this time to relax. Read a chapter in a book, listen to classical music or do as my mom and I Real Housewives of New Jersey.
When the tissue is dry, slowly pull it off in a downward motion. When you get all the pieces off, if you're like me, you'll be tempted to look at the strips. Go ahead because 1) you'll see these really work and 2) you'll see you need to wash your face better every day.
Use the wet wash cloth from before to remove any leftover stuff on your face.

And the last part is the part that might gross you out a bit because it's..well it's gross and a bit slimy.
Find the last bowl that should have the egg yolk in it... you might have lost it in your mad dash to call peta about the puppy kicking earlier.  To this bowl add a teaspoon of honey and mix with the spoon. Yay you've got a big ol bowl of salmonella and it's going on your FACE!  I'm kidding...mostly...don't eat the egg yolk and honey mixture though...just don't.
Smear the mixture all over your face but avoid the hairline and your eyes.
Once again you'll have to wait for this to dry so go back to your book or music or trashy television.
And keep your face perfectly laughing or smiling or talking.  So doing this at a giggly girls' slumber party is probably not the best idea.
 Once it's dry use your washcloth once again and rinse the mixture off.
 Once your face is clean run cold water onto your cloth then gently pat the cloth onto your face. The cold water will help soothe your face from all the rubbing and will shock your pores into looking like they are smaller.

I hope you learned a little something that might help you and if you have any tips for me leave a comment.

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