Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm bored so you get a post!

My birthday was Friday and so my mom and my friend Jaime got me micas and an eyeshadow kit from DIY Cosmetics. I love making my own things, I love being crafty and when I do it myself it turns out exactly how I want it.  Well so far I have made myself 6 loose eyeshadows and three lipsticks, but those are really more like heavily tinted lip balm.

The eyeshadows were super easy since they came with a premade base that helps the micas stick to your skin, so you just have to mix until you find the color you want. The first color I made was like a highlight color it's a super sparkly beige that looks really nice. The second color I was going for was a teal green, it didn't quite get there but I like what I ended up with. The third color is magic I swear. It looks like a sparkly mauve just sitting in the pot but when you rub and blend it into your skin it becomes an orangey red. Then I did an actual darkish orange because...well why not.  Then I did moonstone black because I also use all my loose shadows as eyeliner using mixing medium and I'll give the recipe at the bottom with the recipe for the tinted lip balm. The final color I did was a sweet baby pink that is super sparkly. I also use this very sparingly across the tops of my cheek bones a a sort of blush/highlighter, but I mean a little goes a long way. I dip a finger into the pot and get the tiniest amount on then use that finger to put the pink on both cheeks and then dab away some.  This is best used for going out in the evening though cause it so tremendously sparkly. The beige one got sort of messed up as I was swatching and the sparkle in the plate doesn't really let you see the sparkles in the colors so use your imagination ok.

On to the lip balms. I technically have done three but I didn't like one so I chucked it in the trash. So the second one I did was a really pretty ruby red. It has a sort of metallic sheen to it so I didn't add any sparkle to it, even though I'm addicted to the sparkle...I need a sparkle intervention. And because I didn't get any lip gloss pots yet I used a cleaned and sanitized tin that a tealight candle sits in. 

The last thing I made was a tin of sparkle pink lip balm...see sparkle addiction.  For this I used a tin that used to have zombie outbreak mints in it.  As soon as I find my other zombie mint tin I'm gonna make a grayish green lip balm. I also added vanilla extract to my mix to make it smell good but I don't advise this because not all of it mixed so there's a chance it will mold or don't do it.

And lastly here's the recipes I used..well not so much a recipe as what I used to make them:
Mixing medium- First buy glycerine from rite aid or whatever pharmacy you have near you.
One part glycerine to 3 parts water makes an excellent mixing medium or if you can't find glycerine just use eye drops.
Lip Balm Ingredients-
  Beeswax-Grape Seed Oil-Jojoba Gloss-Vitamin E-Mica
It's super simple to make, you just melt all your ingredients in your container(if it's metal) and once everything is mixed and melted let it cool off and harden.  If it's too hard for you or you don't like the color you can remelt it and tweak the recipe till you get what you want.

And here's a warning...If you are working with micas please wear a face mask, gloves, and old clothes. Micas are very fine powders so they will get into your lungs. And since they are pigments then can and will stain your clothes and working surfaces so lay down newspaper.

Thank you for letting me ramble so long.

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