Monday, May 13, 2013

Bride Box + Giveaway!

More from my growing addiction I bring you the Bride Box.

    This is the premier month for Bride Box and they send you cute, handmade items to make your wedding just a smidge better.  A Bride Box subscription will run you $35 a month but I got 50% off because I asked them if I could blog them and they said yes! Thank you Bride Box ladies.

This post is picture heavy to show more detail than my unboxing video here. So without further ado I give you the items of May's Bride Box.

First off we have the info card and a handy wedding countdown planner.  I really like the info card because it was cute and big and made out of parchment,not like most info cards, so classy.  And with the wedding countdown I recommend laminating it so if you need to change something you can just erase the old info and it will still look neat and pretty.

Next we have a custom made Whimsical Burlap Banner.  Mine says KISS but you can get yours to say what you want.  You can get one at Bride Box.

Next was a little extra thing.  It is a cream cleanser from Guinot.

The next thing I received is Rhinestone shoe stickers that say I Do.  This is such a cute idea, especially if you are having trouble thinking of what to do for your Something Blue.  Just put these on the bottom of your shoes.  You can also get these at Bride Box and if you use code: METOOMAY at checkout you will receive 20% off a second pair or the Me Too sticker set for your groom.

This is my favorite item out of the box and it is a Noell Desiree delicately designed,sterling silver wire necklace that features a Swarovski crystal. Custom necklaces are available and you can get them here or at Noell Desiree's site here.

And the last thing is something super cute.  It's lip and mustache shaped chocolates from Teresa Marie Designs.  Use them to take fun and silly pictures at your wedding then gobble them up.  Weddings are stressful, you will need a treat.

The last thing that came in the box I don't have a picture of, because it's an app for your wedding. It's called Wedding Party App and it is a simple and fun way to capture and share your wedding with your guests.  You can get it for your iphone or android and it's free.

Remember that I Do sticker set from a little bit ago?  Well if you want one for yourself and don't want to buy one (they are only $8) then go watch my unboxing video here and subscribe and leave a comment. I will pick a random person to win one!

I just looked up the cost of the box and home made artsy things are ex-pen-sive!  The necklace is $45 the banner is $35, the stickers are $8 and the chocolates are $7,bringing the total of the items to $95.  I bought this half off the regular price but even at $35 a month that is a wicked good deal.  If you use the code: JUNEBRIDE you can receive $5 off a monthly subscription, $10 off a 6 month or $20 off a yearly subscription. You can use the code here:

I don't know if I'll keep up with my Bride Box Subscription but for right now, I am loving it!

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