Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bulu Box!

Bulu box is a monthly subscription service for nutritional and supplement samples and each month you get 4-5 samples.  There are two different boxes you can get, either the regular box which has samples geared toward general health or a weight loss box, which has samples to help you lose weight of course.

I got the weight loss box simply because I hadn't seen a ton of reviews for it and I've seen a bunch for the regular box. They also sent me a coupon code to share with you all. "Bulu3Month" is good for a 3 month subscription for $15 instead of $30.  And that's such a good deal I think I'll be taking advantage too. The also have a point reward system to purchase full sizes of the samples you get.

The first things in the box, as always, are info cards.  The bottom card is the info card for all the samples and the top card  has info about Jay Cardiello, the founder of the JCORE system and it also has a bunch of simple tips to help your workouts.

The next thing is a code to get $5 to try Gympact.  Gympact is where you can earn cash rewards for working out, and it's paid for by people donating to the site who want to motivate people to work out.  The code is "BuluPact".

Next is one of the items from Jay Cardiello's JCORE system.  It's a calorie,gluten and caffeine free drink mix, made with Teavigo green tea.  It is supposed to increase metabolism and fat breakdown,and is also supposed to support cardiovascular health and increase antioxident activity. All you do is add it to 16-20 oz. of water.   It's lemonade flavor and it costs $39.99 for 90 servings which comes out to about 45 cents a packet. I'll probably try this or the other drink mix purely for the flavor after I'm done writing up the post.

The next item is the other drink mix. It's fruit punch flavor and is meant to be taken before during or after a work out. It's supposed to increase nitric oxide production to reduce fatigue and improve muscle recovery.  It also has an energy blend of  natural caffeine,green tea extract, and green coffee extract.  You add this packet to 8 oz of water. A full size canister costs $35.99

The next thing are Neocell Beauty Bursts. They are supposed to promote smoother, more radiant skin,hair and nails with collagen 1 and 3.  Since this was a "food" item and it was fresh mint chocolate I decided to try one of the two little chews.  There was hardly any chocolate flavor but there was a of mint flavor.  It was so minty that it was almost bitter.  That's just me though I'm a bit sensitive to mint.  For a bag of 60 chews it costs $15.95

My favorite thing in this box was this Promax fit 'n crisp bar.  It's a protein snack to curb cravings for junk food.  It's like a rice crispies treat but better for you.  I had to try this because I love rice crispies treats and I wanted to see if this would taste gross.  It was delicious and I felt kinda full after half of the bar.  These will cost you $19.50 for 12 bars.

The last thing was Plantiva AllerDX which is supposed to boost your immune systems' tolerance to the environment around you.  It's basically just an all natural allergy medication that works within 10-20 minutes and is non-drowsy and stimulant free. Now I don't know about you but the allergy stuff I take does not work that fast and makes me sleepy so if I take this and it works I will definitely be switching to this. This costs $21.95 for 60 caps.

All in all this was a pretty good sample box filled with interesting samples that I look forward to trying.

You can get your own box at Bulu Box and don't forget to use code "Bulu3Month to get a 3 month subscription for only $30 or use code Leonard to get your first box free and $10 every month after that.

If you want to watch my unboxing it's here.

Bulu Box sent me this box free to review but my opinions are my own.

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