Monday, May 6, 2013

My prizes!

Last month I won the mystery mashup contest from the Small Towns & City Lights blog.  While it took a while for the prizes to be sent out I absolutely love them!

  Small Towns & City Lights does a lot of subscription box reviews so the mystery mashup contest was one thing from 5 different subscription boxes:
-My Cotton Bunny BFF Bundle Box
-A+ Fancy Box
-PopSugar Must Have
-(Original) Fancy Box

From the Cotton Bunny Box, I got a box of U by Kotex designer tampons.-$5
  From the A+ Fancy Box (curated by Ashton Kutcher) I got  a Pilot & Captain Tokyo t-shirt.-$32
 From the Dottiebox I got a coffee cup cozy from Baby off the Hook.$6
 From the PopSugar box I got The New Black nail polish set in Pardon My French-$10
 Finally from the original Fancy Box I got a Clocky Rolling Runaway Alarm Clock.-$45

Holy cow this prize box is worth almost $100!  That's amazing, and I'm so glad I won.  I'll probably be handing out all the stuff to friends and family because I love them and want to share.

The best part of the box I was sent wasn't even the prizes.  The girls from Small Towns & City Lights took the time to write me a handwritten note card.  That was so sweet.

                                                         Thank you Rachel and Kayla!

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