Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wantable Box!

I am so addicted to subscription boxes, like I seriously need rehab or the equivalent thereof.  One box I've had my eye on but have been a bit hesitant to purchase is the makeup box from Wantable.

The reason I have been wanting it is because it's not samples, they send you full size products and you fill out a profile you can customize to what you like.  If you don't want brow products or mascara slide the scale to dislike and they won't send you any. You are ok with matte eyeshadow or glitter nail polish, leave the slider on like. But if you are a fiend for lip gloss or beauty tools slide that sucker up to love.  It's entirely up to you.

The reason I have been hesitant is because of the price. It's 40 dollars for a one time box, but 36 dollars a month if you subscribe.

Now I have worked many jobs where part of it was asking for donations so there is no shame in my game anymore, so what did I do when faced with a dilemma of wanting Wantable and not so sure about affording it?  I asked them for one!  The people at Wantable were so awesome. They sent me a box to review.  I loved everything in the box.  All the makeup goodies even came is a gorgeous velvet bag.

So here are pictures and descriptions of everything I got:
This is the actual box, the velvet bag and a set of Frownies Eye Gels.  They are anti-oxidant moisturizing gel patches to improve the appearance of discolored skin and fine lines.  They are also reusable in combination with Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray.  I cannot wait to use these!

The next item is a cool plumping lip gloss in Just Lust by beauty for real.  I love the color but what is amazing about this lip gloss is that there's a mirror on the side and the applicator lid lights up! Holy cow, coolest lip gloss ever!  Bonus awesomeness is that they don't test on animals and is paraben free. It's also infused with marine collagen, grape seed and green tea extracts, aloe vera and avocado oils.

The next two products are both from Mia BelleZZa, which I could not pronounce right in my unboxing video to save my life. The first one is an automatic long lasting eyeliner in Onyx and the other is an eyeshadow duo in Vino.  I love these colors, purples really make my amber eyes pop! And I just ran out of my other eyeliner so that was good timing to get this one.

The next thing is a nail polish by Color Club in First Looks.  This is a sort of dark teal but it has a really cool and pretty purple sheen.  I'll be trying this in my next mani but I am digging my black nails with star shaped rhinestone accent nails right now.

The last thing I received in my box of amazingness was an eyeshadow compact from Peepers by Darla in the color Betty Jane.  You can't really tell from my picture but the eyeshadow is a really pretty light shimmery green, which I love because it's really in for Spring right now.

So I loved everything about this and I think I might be subscribing if I can work things out.  Also I forgot to mention, not only does Wantable do these amazing personalized makeup boxes, they also do jewelry boxes!  Prices for the jewelry box are the same as for the makeup box.

If you are looking for an amazing box where you get to pick what kind of full size products you get, then definitely get Wantable.

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